February 8, 2006
Working with Moneris Solutions, On-Line Service Corp successfully cutover to using Royal Bank of Canada as our Connection Service Provider and Settlement agent.  Today also marked an historic change in the location of our services from Toronto to Kitchener.

March 2005

Industry Links page added to the website.

August 19, 2004

Received the final report from Ubizen based on their audit for compliance with the VISA Cardholder Information Security Program (CISP)/Account Information Security (AIS) and MasterCard Site Data Protection (SDP) requirements.  Among their summary remarks they have stated: "OSC is a very security conscious organization." and "In fact, OSC was found to be in a greater state of initial compliance than the majority of the organizations assessed by Ubizen

February 16, 2004
The website has become an increasingly popular tool for ISO's and their partners and requests were received to have the site updated more frequently.  Following through on those requests, the switch data is now posted to the website in real time.

August 14, 2003
North America's largest blackout in history strikes Ontario and north-eastern USA. On-Line's Acquirer and Issuer switches went uninterrupted throughout the power problems. Many thanks to our staff and processing partners IBM & Bank of Montreal/Moneris Solutions for uninterrupted service.

July 1, 2003
Interac launches Third party Device Certification Program changing certification processes.

June 10, 2003
On-Line Website expanded from "clients only" to include information for ISOs, Financial Institutions, the general public and merchants.

March 17, 2003
First Triple DES ABM certification completed, providing compliance with upcoming regulations.

November 21, 2002
Dual Circuit implementation completed on switch. Dual Circuits increase the reliability of the connection from the switch to the gateway service.

November 14, 2002
Launch of client only web site for OSC Web Monitor.

September 24, 2002
Timed Cash Position service introduced for scheduled report generation delivered via e-mail.

March 28, 2002
On-Line Client Side (OCS) programming used to add first ABM location electronically for an ISO. OCS is a comprehensive application running on Windows that keeps your ABM, financial arrangements and much more well organized and accessible from your office computers. New information is sent electronically to On-Line.

October 21, 2001
First ISO uses Vault Cash Company (VCC) services. VCC provides vault cash services exclusively to On-Line ISOs.

December 5, 2000
Remote Client Access software released providing ISOs with dial in access to monitoring data.

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