At On-Line Service Corp, we pride ourselves on the effectiveness of our progressive monitoring systems. On-Line's switch will automatically detect ABM error conditions and send detailed alert messages for various states. These alerts can be sent to an email address including those associated with cell phones and other portable devices.

Alert messages identify:

• Date and time
• Terminal ID
• Information about the current condition

Alerting can be requested to go to:
• The ISO,
• Location,
• Or a third party.

Escalation policies can also be accommodated automatically.

Types of messages vary depending on type of machine and the data that the machine sends to the switch. Messages include low cash alerts, receipts & journal printer errors, paper, ribbon issues, dispenser faults, reversals and error codes.

In certain circumstances and with particular machines the switch is not notified of problems with the ABM. For this reason, we also offer inactivity alerting. This service is not dependent on "heartbeat" messages being sent to the switch but is based entirely on the absence of transactions from a machine. The level of activity expected and the hours it is appropriate to monitor are defined by the client on a location by location basis.

Web Access

Our web site provides clients access to cash position, status information, errors, transaction details and much more. The confidential information contained on the site is protected by SSL and 128 byte encryption and by a required login. Staff at ISO offices, Investors, ABM Owners, and other business partners can be granted access to appropriate data.

Many ABM manufacturers (Triton, Connect, Tranax/Cross, RMS and others) offer software packages allowing you to receive messages from your ABMs and/or query the ABM. Our site complements the information supplied through these manufacturer packages and is frequently used to review data without needing to connect to each individual ABM.

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